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Training contents

The StudiCare training for an improved sleep makes use of therapeutic techniques and makes those techniques flexibly applicable for the user.


The aim of the training is to help you improve your sleep and, thus, the nightly regeneration. In the training, you will be guided through three different lessons, each taking about 45 minutes. We recommend you to complete a lesson every week. In addition to teaching theoretical content, the focus is on practical exercises, which can help you to integrate the things you learned into your everyday life.


What are the lessons about?


Among other things, in the lessons you will:

  • Learn how to reduce your sleep problems and how to be more relaxed about sleep.

  • Get to know techniques that make it easier for you to mentally switch off.

  • Learn strategies, such as imagination exercises, for coping with rumination.

  • Get information on what can further help you for a restful sleep.

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