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About Mindfulness

What is the essence of mindfulness?

What is


Mindfulness means perceiving and allowing each inner and outer experience at the present moment without any judgement. The background of mindfulness trainings is the experience that by overthinking, constantly evaluating our experiences and trying to avoid unpleasant thoughts, feelings and body sensations, we only increase our sense of stress.


Mindfulness in turn promotes insight, calmness, self-regulation, openness to new experiences and psychological flexibility and can therefore be seen as a resource for life.


This form of attention control has already been part of the Buddhist doctrine for more than 2000 years and has since become an element of numerous psychotherapeutic treatment concepts in the western world..

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Learning Mindfulness

The good news is you can learn how to be mindful!


Learning a mindful and accepting attitude towards yourself and your experiences can help you to be more flexible in dealing with stressful situations – and thus experience more balance and satisfaction in everyday life and enjoy your life more.

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